• Sell-Side Representation
  • Buy-Side Representation
  • Consulting - Sale Preparation
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Financial Intermediary

Client Process

Our engagements begin with a review of current corporate structure and state compliance.  From there we proceed with our Analysis of the business operations and financial performance.  Included are reviews of the market and competion.  We obtain a detailed, insider view of our Clients business so we can model seller cash flow.  

  • Analysis
  • Opinion of Value
  • Proceeds Analysis
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Opportunity Sales Book Construction
  • Outbound Marketing and Advertising
  • Sales Activity Management
  • Buyer Verification
  • Transaction Negotiation
  • Contract Development
  • Contingency Management
  • Closing

We use the results of the detailed and comprehensive Analysis to create a recommended Opinion of Value.  Based on the proposed deal structure, we provide a Proceeds Analysis.  Typically our transactions are asset sales (which includes all operations) but, in certain circumstances, a stock transaction makes more sense.  Although we are not licensed as tax advisors, we will work with a Client's tax advisors to assist with the determination of structure, particularly in the case of commercial property depreciation recapture and election 338 stock/asset transactions.  We want our Client's to know, before we begin marketing a business for sale, the expectation for potential net proceeds.

Now the work begins - developing and implementing the plan and working through our very detailed Activity Flow to end with a successful transaction.  

Give us a call and we can step you through each detailed step to show you how Waterway approaches each transaction and the steps we follow each and every time.