• A History of Excellence

Our Story

The principals in our firm come from a wide range of disciplines (operational, financial, marketing, M&A) and Executive level positions in both publically traded companies and venture start ups, located both domestically and internationally.  From general management, accounting, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, M&A, and human resources, our brokers bring a wealth of capability and deal making expertise to every transaction.  

The company actually began after our CEO, Bill Rary, was frustrated by his experiencing buying and selling small companies for a private equity firm in 2004.  Bill found that the intermediaries employed by his private equity firm to represent his assets for acquisition (both on the sell and buy side) just didn't have the sales, marketing, financial and operational analysis,  negotiation, and deal structing skills required to achieve maximum results.  

After he sold 2 business in private transactions in 2006 he decided the small to medium sized market needed and deserved the type of Private Equity deal skills available to larger Clients.  Waterway Business Brokerage was born.  From this beginning, Waterway has helped Clients close tens of millions of dollars worth of transactions across the United States with a primary focus on the eastern half of the US from Connecticut to Florida.  As required by law, Wateway is licensed in Georgia and Florida.

"We were not achieving our targets and needed help.  Frankly, I wanted to retire but my business wasn't ready to sell.  Waterway came in and helped us put a plan in place to improve our performance and position our Durable Medical Equipment company for a successful sale.  With improved performance a plan was created to sell the business.  They took their plan and tirelessly created the deal package, marketed the business, screened the buyers and negotiated the deal.  Waterway understood our business and created a great transaction."   Peter A.